Our quality promise for you

Certificate for the harvesting and preservation process of NATURADOR® vertical gardens

Dear business partner,

We put strong emphasis on the selection of our materials to guarantee a safe use of our products inside of rooms. Therefore we want to give you an insight into the single components used during production, as well as the production process.

1. Preservation of all plants and mosses (except reindeer moss):


    • All plants and mosses are produced, harvested and preserved on the own farms of our suppliers.
    • Having been harvested at their growth optimum, the plants are being preserved. Since they are natural products, the plants slightly differ from each other – depending on the harvesting time. Some ferns, for example, have seeds, others not yet.
    • The ferns and mosses are preserved using a solution of 95% pure glycerol, water and food colourings. The products to not contain any biocides (DMF – di methyle fumarate)
    • All plants are harvested and preserved by trained people and processed under strict adherence to all relevant environmental legislation and respecting legal minimum wage laws. There is no child labour in any step of the production process.

2. Preservation of reindeer moss:


    • Reindeer moss is gently dried after harvesting and then dyed with a coloured salt solution.
    • The pigments used for dyeing comply with German BfR IX norms, EU regulation AP (89) 1, EU regulation 94/62 / EG and CONEG.
    • There is no potential for microbiological growth, microbiological emissions or emissions of volatile organic compounds.
    • Between the harvesting periods, the legally required waiting times are strictly adhered to. The plants and mosses are harvested by hand.

We wish you lots of enjoyment with our products!