Most important points at one glance

No. NATURADOR® vertical gardens must not be watered. The plants have been naturally preserved and remain permanently beautiful – without water or fertiliser.
Yes, NATURADOR® use only real plants. These are preserved in a natural process using glycerol and food colourings. That is why the plants remain permanently beautiful and require no maintenance or care.

No, they are completely care and maintenance free. On the opposite: the preserved mosses and plants must not be watered under any circumstances. They also don´t require light or fertiliser. Since the plants are antistatic, dust does not settle on them.

Direct sun or heat is as detrimental to your vertical garden as it is to a good painting – the colours can become paler with the years. Should that happen, however, we offer a green refresher spray that can give  your moss wall its vibrant, lush green colour back.
During preservation the plants absorb a mixture of water, glycerol and food colourings. Glycerol is a food ingredient that can be produced naturally through a fermentation process. It is an essential part of olive oil or butter, which you consume every day.  Also the human body produces glycerol as part of various metabolisation processes. It is therefore safe.
As long as air moisture is between min. 45% and max 75%, the vertical gardens can beautify all rooms. For example the living room, bedroom or dining room, office or conference room, public buildings or exhibition stands. The preserved vertical gardens are not suitable for outside use.
Yes, due to their big surface, mosses absorb sound and reduce noise and reverberation in closed rooms, especially medium and high frequences. Those are the frequences that stress us out. Your vertical garden can therefore function as a natural and beautiful sound absorber.
Yes. Your vertical garden is made of natural plants and mosses that have their typical, natural forest smell. This smell lies in the nature of the products and evaporates over the months. But it does not disappear completely.
No, not completely, but close. Since the plants are natural products, they differ slightly in colour and form. Your vertical garden is hand made, so that there is no other vertical garden that is similar to yours. – A really unique artwork.
Yes, if the colour intensity of your vertical garden decreases due to its high age, high air humidity or direct sun or heat exposure, you can order a special natural colour refresher from us, which will refresh the lush, natural green of your vertical garden.