Luna Moss Absorber Nr. 1


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NATURADOR® Luna Moss Absorber Nr. 1 – the absorber made of aluminium and pole moss – absorbs sound, reduces reverberations and improves room acoustics and room feel. Available in 140 x 40 cm, aluminium with 3 pole moss circles, framed in aluminium.

If you would like to have NATURADOR® Luna Moss in a bigger format, just get in touch with us..


140 x 40 cm.


Luna Moss Nr. 1 is framed in matte aluminium.

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Out of stock


The NATURADOR® Luna Moss Absorber Nr. 1 is the first in a row of absorber solutions for the improvement of your room acoustics. Hard metal meets soft moss. – These opposites form an exciting combination of technology and nature.

The biophilic structure of aluminium, combined with an effective absorber foam, and the big surface of pole moss absorb sound and reduce reverberations in your rooms – for better acoustics and a pleasant room feel.


Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 140 × 40 × 5 cm
Maintenance advice

Like with a good painting, permanent, intense UV radiation (sun, strong light), as well as heat or humidity can bleach the lush green colour of your NATURADOR® vertical garden. Therefore please avoid intense sun or UV light, (e.g. halogen spots in little distance), heat (e.g. near radiators, fire places etc.) , extremely dry or moist ambient conditions below 40% and above 80%, water damages the preservation of your vertical garden. Under strong friction, the moss can release a bit of colour, which, however, can easily be removed with water and soap. Pls use rubber gloves for assembly and wash your hands to avoid colour carry-over. If you stick to these recommendations, your NATURADOR® vertical garden will give you enjoyment for a long time.