moss and plant pictures

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Select your moss and plant pictures from various greening types and sizes: Relaxing forest and pole moss, round, hilly pole moss, lush plant islands on forest moss, refreshing spring-green reindeer moss in one or two colours, or exotic-wild jungle.


Our moss and plant pictures are framed in matte white wooden frames.

Reindeer moss pictures bi-colour

2-coloured reindeer moss pictures are only available in the sizes 80cm x 80cm and 140cm x 40cm.


Delivery time: approx. 10 days


NATURADOR® vertical gardens are individual design objects from gently and naturally preserved mosses and plants from sustainable sources. They need neither water, nor fertilizer or light and are hand-crafted for you in a German manufactory.

Create an exceptional ambience with NATURADOR® moss and plant pictures.

Zero maintenance – no water, no fertilizer, no light!

Whether you bring the jungle into your rooms with our lush greening made of ferns, eucalyptus, weeds and amaranthus, or whether you dream of a sunny walk in the woods when admiring the green pole and forest moss hills – NATURADOR® moss pictures enchant your walls.

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140 x 40 cm, 22 x 22 cm, 35 x 35 cm, 55 x 55 cm, 70 x 20 cm, 80 x 80 cm


djungle, forest and pole moss, plant islands, pole moss, reindeer moss 2 colours (May green & leaf green), reindeer moss leaf green, reindeer moss may green

Maintenance advice

Like with a good painting or artwork, permanent exposure to intense sun, light, heat or humidity can prematurely bleach the bright lush green of your NATURADOR® vertical garden. Therefore please avoid: – Intense exposure to sun and strong sources of light (e.g. halogen spots with little distance)- exposure to heat (e.g. the proximity to radiators, fireplaces or similar)- Extremely dry or humid room moisturebelow 40% and above 70% – Water damages the preservation of your NATURADOR® vertical garden. The moss can release a bit of colour under friction, which can easiliy be removed with water and soap. Therefore for installation, please use thin rubber gloves for installation or wash your hands afterwards to avoid staining other objects. If you consider this advice, your NATURADOR® vertical garden will be a source of enjoyment for you for many years.