round pole moss pictures

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NATURADOR® vertikale Gärten sind individuelle Design-Objekte aus schonend und natürlich konservierten Moosen und Pflanzen aus nachhaltigem Anbau. Sie müssen weder gegossen, noch gedüngt oder beleuchtet werden und werden in Handarbeit für Sie in einer deutschen Manufaktur hergestellt.

Set unique natural accents in your rooms  with NATURADOR® pole moss pictures. Zero maintenance – no water, no fertiliser, no light – permanently beautiful without any care.

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Our round NATURADOR® pole moss pictures are a unique focal point in every room. The hilly structure of the pole moss gives the picture an impressive 3D effect. Three different sizes – from 34 cm to 54 cm or 80 cm – offer an attractive solution for each room situation. Whether single or arranged as a group, the pole moss pictures attract all views.


The frame of our pole moss pictures is made of high quality stainless steel. 

Additional information

Weight 3-12 kg
Dimensions N/A

34 cm, 54 cm, 80 cm

Maintenance advice

Like with a good painting, permanent, intense UV radiation (sun, strong light), as well as heat or humidity can bleach the lush green colour of your NATURADOR® vertical garden. Therefore please avoid intense sun or UV light, (e.g. halogen spots in little distance), heat (e.g. near radiators, fire places etc.) , extremely dry or moist ambient conditions below 40% and above 80%, water damages the preservation of your vertical garden. Under strong friction, the moss can release a bit of colour, which, however, can easily be removed with water and soap. Pls use rubber gloves for assembly and wash your hands to avoid colour carry-over. If you stick to these recommendations, your NATURADOR® vertical garden will give you enjoyment for a long time.